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UMU is the innovative way to author, distribute, and
track microlearning.

What is microlearning?

Microlearning delivers content in small chunks to increase training efficiency and learner retention. With UMU, you combine audio, video, quizzes, slides, and more to author microlearning content specific to your needs. Our intuitive coursebuilder lets you design a lesson in as little as 10 minutes.

  • Create microlearning with pictures, text, audio and video.

  • Curate resources so learners can access knowledge in the moment of need.

  • Create learning paths to automate assignments and content delivery.

You can make microlearning

With UMU, even non-technical users can create microlearning in as little as 10 minutes. Use an existing slide deck or other photos, then record your audio and visuals at the same time. String together videos, quizzes, written materials, and discussions for course and learning paths. We make sure it’s learner centered, trackable, and accessible on any device.

  • Speak over your images. Pause anytime. Switch images without stopping audio.

  • Create slides directly from the app, or import a PPT.

  • Audio slide microlearning won’t waste data. Each one is only 1M.

Share and view files easily

  • UMU supports the 6 most widely used file types: PPT, Word, PDF, ePUB, Excel, and WPS.

  • Learners can easily view without downloading.

From upgrading the classroom experience to blended learning
and chat groups, UMU is revolutionizing learning

  • UMU 1.0: Upgrading the classroom experience

    The traditional classroom experience will never go away entirely, but the mobile internet can help us make the experience more efficient and effective. Use your smart phone to summarize a discussion or take a survey and show the real-time results live on screen. Interaction makes the classroom come alive, giving every participant the chance to engage, share, and grow.

  • UMU 2.0: Blended learning

    UMU created innovative blended learning approaches for online, classroom based, formal, and informal learning. With UMU, you can flip the classroom by assigning fundamental information as pre-work, interacting in the class, and continually reinforcing knowledge long after class.

  • UMU 3.0: Online social chat groups

    With UMU, you can create a network of knowledge and community. Continuously provide encouragement and learn from each other.

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